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Drip Days Vase

R 1,800.00 R 1,800.00

It's like your favourite dessert, once you nail it, it's a show stopper. You lick it clean, and there's no need to wash up. In this vase, there is a curved inner, that can make arranging flowers a bit tricky. But it is a trick worth learning. Here are some tips for arranging flowers, more is more.

Made to order : 15 working days

Dimensions: 40cm X 40cm Care

Care Instructions:

Keep Chemicals Away!
Make sure all your Resin/Perspex􏰀 is cleaned with soapy water, make sure no harsh cleaning􏰀 chemicals or 􏰀harsh cleaners are used on acrylic.
Dust gently and wipe away any bits or dirt, use something􏰀 􏰀gentle such as a microfiber cloth or better still a 􏰁feather duster!
We will be selling􏰀 a pot of􏰁 specifically created perspex polish SOON.
Please note this piece is sealed to make it water tight, therefore, if􏰁 dropped it will open! Be careful with this baby!