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DIY Charm Party Necklace

R 450.00

Each charm necklace has a unique personality and tone—no two necklaces are the same. The best part is that now you can curate your own! 

How it works: choose max 5 charms or less, and we will do the rest!  (Please stick to max 5 charms or we will have to remove some from your order).

Each necklace is hand-assembled with an assortment of charms. Charms are sourced from near and far. 

Remove when showering. Chain Length: 40cm.Material: Gold Plated Chain.

Choose from our 22 unique charms: Circle stones, horseshoe, Star Of David, Crown, Red Cherry, Gold Butterfly, Gold Bee Disc, Gold Heart Locket, x3 Stars and Rectangle stones. Gold plated paperclip chain.